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Articles from New York History

Updated March 2, 2002

Since its establishment in 1899, the New York State Historical Association has published numerous articles, many by distinguished Cooper scholars, concerning James Fenimore Cooper. They appeared at first in the Association's Annual Proceedings, and since 1920 (as well) in its quarterly scholarly journal, first titled The Quarterly Journal, and from 1932 on New York History. In recent years, articles have generally appeared only in New York History. The frequency and significance of articles about Cooper has increased since the Association moved to its present location in Cooperstown, New York, in 1939. In 1984, the Association established a parallel quarterly magazine, Heritage, aimed at a general audience, and including (in recent years) extensive color illustrations; appropriate articles from Heritage may also be accessed from this web page.

The articles are archived here chronologically, but may also be accessed through the finding aids at the Articles & Papers page, and/or from the Biographic Information page. Articles in New York History dealing with Susan Fenimore Cooper may be found and accessed from the Susan Fenimore Cooper page.

We wish to thank the New York Historical Association for permitting us to make these articles available on-line at our website.

1914 -- 15th Annual Meeting

1916 -- 18th Annual Meeting

In 1916, long before it moved to Cooperstown, The New York State Historical Association held its 18th annual meeting in the village; a number of the papers concerned James Fenimore Cooper:

1923 -- The Quarterly Journal

1931 -- The Quarterly Journal

1941 -- New York History

The 1940 Meeting of the New York State Historical Association (August 19-September 1, 1940) commemorated the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the infant James Fenimore Cooper in Cooperstown in the fall of 1790. In addition to the presentation of papers (including two relating directly to James Fenimore Cooper), the 1940 Celebration included the unveiling of Victor Salvatore's bronze statue of James Fenimore Cooper on the site of Otsego Hall in the Cooper Grounds, a special memorial service at Christ Church, and an elaborate "Pageant-Spectacle" on "Historic Cooperstown" in which much of the village's population took part. In addition, on January 29, 1940, the Post Office Department issued the only American postage stamp ever to commemorate James Fenimore Cooper (the 2 cent red in the Famous America Authors series).

1949 New York History

1954 New York History

In 1951 the first scholarly conference on James Fenimore Cooper was held at the New York State Historical Association in Cooperstown. Most of the papers presented at the meeting were subsequently published as Proceedings of the New York State Historical Association, Vol. 52, and in Hew York History, Vol. 35, No. 4 (October 1954), pp. 365-568. This was widely distributed as a separate publication: James Fenimore Cooper: A Re-Appraisal (Cooperstown: New York State Historical Association, 1954).

1956 New York History

1957 New York History

1966 New York History

1968 New York History

1970 New York History

1981 New York History

1982 New York History

1991 New York History

1994 Heritage: The Magazine of the New York State Historical Association

1995 New York History

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