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Cooper Titles Index

Updated June 2018

This webpage indexes articles and papers according to the works by Cooper with which they are particularly concerned. Only those that deal extensively with specific works or groups of works are included here.

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Recognized Groups of Cooper Works

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Listed here are papers and articles dealing with groups of Cooper works, generally or specifically. For papers or articles dealing only with specific books within a group, click on the appropriate title.
(We have not tried to list individually the many books within the Indian and Frontier and the Sea categories)

Individual Works


1820 Precaution

1821 The Spy

1823 The Pioneers [Leatherstocking Tales] [The Otsego Novels]

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1823 The Pilot

1825 Lionel Lincoln

1826 The Last of the Mohicans [Leatherstocking Tales]

1827 The Prairie [Leatherstocking Tales]

1828 The Red Rover

1829 The Wept of Wish-ton-Wish

1830 The Water-Witch

1831 The Bravo [See also under European Novels]

1832 The Heidenmauer [See also under European Novels]

1833 The Headsman [See also under European Novels]

1835 The Monikins

1838 Homeward Bound [Effingham Novels]

1838 Home as Found [Effingham Novels] [The Otsego Novels]

1840 The Pathfinder [Leatherstocking Tales]

1840 Mercedes of Castile

1841 The Deerslayer [Leatherstocking Tales] [The Otsego Novels]

1842 The Two Admirals

1842 The Wing-and-Wing

1843 Wyandotté [The Otsego Novels]

1844 Afloat and Ashore

1844 Miles Wallingford

1845 Satanstoe [The Littlepage Novels]

1845 The Chainbearer [The Littlepage Novels]

1846 The Redskins [The Littlepage Novels]

1847 The Crater

1848 Jack Tier

1848 The Oak Openings

1849 The Sea Lions

1850 The Ways of the Hour

Other Fiction

1823 Tales for Fifteen [two short stories, Imagination and Heart]

1832 "No Steamboats" [short story -- in French]

1843 Autobiography of a Pocket-Handkerchief [novelette]

1848 Upside Down [play]

1850 The Lake Gun [short story]


1828 Notions of the Americans [major study of American culture]

1831 Letter to General Lafayette [American finances]

1834 A Letter to His Countrymen [complaints of the author]

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c.1836 The Eclipse, published posthumously in 1869 [short essay]

1836 Gleanings in Europe: Switzerland, original title Sketches of Switzerland [The Travel Books]

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1836 Gleanings in Europe: The Rhine, original title Sketches of Switzerland. Part Second [The Travel Books]

1837 Gleanings in Europe: France, original title Gleanings in Europe [The Travel Books]

1837 Gleanings in Europe: England [The Travel Books]

1838 Gleanings in Europe: Italy [The Travel Books]

1838 The American Democrat [political science]

1838 The Chronicles of Cooperstown [local history]

1839 The History of the Navy of the United States of America [major naval history]

1843 Ned Myers [biography]

c.1845 The Battle of Plattsburgh Bay, published posthumously in 1869 [lecture]

1844 The Cruise of the Somers [naval article]

c.1845 Old Ironsides, published posthumously in 1853 [naval article]

1846 Lives of Distinguished American Naval Officers [biographies]

1851 New York [introduction to uncompleted history of New York City, to be called The Towns of Manhattan]

1852 American and European Scenery Compared [essay in The Home Book of the Picturesque: or, American Scenery, Art, and Literature (New-York: G.P. Putnam, 1852), pp. 51-69]

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