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Index of Other Writers, Artists, etc.

Updated June 2018

This index includes articles and papers in which James and/or Susan Fenimore Cooper is discussed in relation to other writers, artists, or others; they are listed alphabetically.

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(A) The Advocate | American Novelists, early | Jane Austen

(B) Edward Ball [Fitzball] | Beadles Dime Novels | Honoré de Balzac | Ambrose Bierce | Edward Bulwer-Lytton

(C) Harry Castlemon | Lydia Maria Child |Frederic E. Church | Thomas Cole | Samuel Taylor Coleridge | George Copway

(D) Charles Dickens | Emily Dickinson | Thomas Attwood Digges

(F) Sigmund Freud

(G) William Godwin | Samuel Goodrich | Horatio Greenough

(H) Basil Hall | Martin Heidegger | Charles Fenno Hoffman | Horace | William Dean Howells

(I) Icelandic Sagas | Washington Irving

(J) Helen Hunt Jackson

(L) D.H. Lawrence

(M) Mark Twain | Medieval Romances | Juan León Mera | Adam Mickiewicz | John Milton | Garcia Ordóñez de Montalvo | Samuel Finlay Morse

(N) Louis L. Noble | Thomas Nuttall

(O) Elizabeth Oakes Smith

(P) "Abraham Panther" (pseud.) | Edgar Allan Poe | Alexander Pushkin

(R) John Richardson | Mary Rowlandson

(S) Sir Walter Scott | Friedrich Schiller | Catharine Maria Sedgwick | Constance Lindsay Skinner | Ann S. Stephens | Harriet Beecher Stowe |Mary Shelley

(T) William Thackeray | Henry Thoreau | Catharine Parr Traill

(V) Jules Verne

(W) Georg Weerth | "Unca Eliza Winkfield" (pseud.) | N.C. Wyeth

(Z) Johann Heinrich Zschokke

The Advocate of Moral Reform [New York Journal, 1835-ca. 1845]
Eight Early American Novelists
Austen, Jane [English novelist, [1775-1817]
Ball, Edward (Fitzball) [English dramatist, 1792-1873]
Balzac, Honoré de [French novelist, 1799-1850]
Beadle, Erastus [Publisher of "Dime Novels", 1821-1894]
Bierce, Ambrose [American writer, 1842-af.1913]
Bulwer-Lytton, Edward (Baron Lytton) [British novelist, 1803-1873]
Castlemon, Harry [American author, 1842-1915]
Child, Lydia Maria [American novelist, 1802-1880]
Church, Frederic E. [American painter and writer, 1826-1900]
Cole, Thomas [American painter, 1801-1848]
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor [English poet and philosopher, 1772-1834]
Copway, George [Native American traveler and journalist, 1818-1869]
Dickens, Charles [British novelist, 1812-1870]
Dickinson, Emily [American poet, 1830-1886
Digges, Thomas Attwood [American merchant and writer, 1742-1821
Freud, Sigmund [Austrian psychologist, 1856-1939]
Godwin, William [British philospher and novelist, 1756-1836]
Goodrich, Samuel [American author, 1793-1860]
Greenough, Horatio [American sculptor, 1805-1852]
Hall, Basil [English traveler, (1788-1844)]
Heidegger, Martin [German philosopher, 1889-1976]
Hoffman, Charles Fenno [American writer, 1806-1884]
Horace [Quintus Horatius Flaccus] [Roman poet and philosopher, 65-8 B.C.]
Howells, William Dean [American writer, 1837-1920]
Icelandic Sagas [ca. 1000 AD
Irving, Washington [American writer and historian, 1783-1859]
Jackson, Helen Hunt [American writer, 1830-1885]
Lawrence, D.H. [British writer, 1885-1930]
Medieval Romances
Melville, Herman [American writer, 1819-1891]
Mera, Juan León> [Ecuadoran Novelist and Nationalist, 1832-1894)
Mickiewicz, Adam [Polish Poet and Nationalist, 1798-1855]
Milton, John [English poet, 1608-1674]
Morse, Samuel Finlay [American painter and inventor, 1791-1872]
Montalvo, Garcia Ordóñez de [Spanish writer, (1450-1504]
Noble, Louis L. [American writer and artist, 1813-1882]
Nuttall, Thomas [English naturalist, 1786-1859]
Oakes Smith, Elizabetn [American writer of dime novelists; female rights advocate, 1806-1893]
Panther, Abraham [American writer, real name unknown, fl. 1789]
Poe, Edgar Allan [American writer, 1809-1849]
Pushkin, Alexander [Russian poet and novelist, 1799-1837]
Richardson, John [Canadian novelist, 1796-1852]
Rowlandson, Mary [Early American writer, ca. 1637-1711
Scott, Sir Walter [British novelist, 1771-1832]
Sedgwick, Catharine Maria [American novelist, 1789-1867]
Schiller, Friedrich [German poet and writer, 1759-1805]
Shelley, Mary [English writer (notably of Frankenstein),1798-1851]
Skinner, Constance Lindsay> [Canadian writer, (1877-1939]
Stephens, Ann S. [American writer of Dime Novels, 1810-1886]
Stowe, Harriet Beecher [American writer and reformer, 1811-1896]
Thackeray, William Makepeace [English writer, 1811-1863]
Thoreau, Henry [American writer, 1817-1862]
Traill, Catharine Parr [Canadian nature writer, 1802-1899]
Trollope, Fanny [British Traveler, 1780-1863]
Twain, Mark (Samuel L. Clemens) [American writer, 1835-1910]
Verne, Jules [French novelist, including science fiction, 1828-1905]
Weerth, Georg [German clergyman and revolutionary, 1822-1856]
Winkfield, UnCA Eliza (pseud). [American, real identity unknown, fl. 1766]
Wyeth, N[ewell] C[onvers] [American artist and illustrator, 1882-1945]
Zschokke, Johan Heinrich [ German/Swiss writer, 1771-1848]

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