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Books about Cooper

Hugh C. MacDougall
(Corresponding Secretary, James Fenimore Cooper Society)

Updated May 2017

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Compiled by Cooper Society Corresponding Secretary and Webmaster Hugh MacDougall from books in his personal collection, this list is periodically updated. Suggestions for additions, etc., can be sent to the Cooper Society. To make the listing more useful, I have listed the contents of books containing essays about Cooper. Authors, as generally on this website, are listed with the last name first. In each section, books are ranged chronologically, beginning with the most recent.

Most recent books listed first.
* = believed to be still in print

William Cooper and the History of Cooperstown

Selected Books About James Fenimore Cooper

Emphasizing Cooper's Life
Emphasizing Cooper's Writings
Emphasizing Cooper's Political Views

Other Books

Collections of Literary Criticism
Pastiches and Sequels

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