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Updated August 25,2001

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  1. Wayne M. Wright, The Cooper Genealogy. Library Notes, Cooperstown: New York State Historical Society, 1983. Descendants of James Cooper (1661-1732) [including James Fenimore Cooper], compiled from a variety of sources. With additions, etc., by Hugh C. MacDougall, James Fenimore Cooper Society. [GENEALOGY]
  2. Descendants of James Fenimore Cooper. A genealogy of all known descendants of James Fenimore Cooper (1789-1851) down to the oldest generation now living; compiled by Hugh C. MacDougall. [GENEALOGY]
  3. William Wager Cooper (cousin of James Fenimore Cooper), Cooper Genealogy. Descendants of James Cooper (1661-1732), prepared in 1879; largely superseded but with extensive documentary references for earliest generations. [1917 NY HISTORY ARTICLES]

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