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Memories of Cooper

Updated February 19, 2001

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Devoted to Documents recording first-hand impressions of James Fenimore Cooper by people who knew him, and documents collecting oral traditions about him. Some will be transcribed in full; others excerpted from autobiographies and memoirs, journalists accounts, diaries, etc. Lengthy documents will be arranged alphabetically by author; shorter impressions may be gathered together a "Glimpses of Cooper". Some of the documents have been annotated (generally by Hugh C. MacDougall of the Society) to identify at some of the persons and places alluded to.

Susan Fenimore Cooper's Memories

No one has provided more important first-hand information about James Fenimore Cooper than his oldest daughter, Susan Fenimore Cooper (1813-1894). In a series of short works and introductions, over many years, she provided invaluable memories (though often at long range) of both her father and herself. We will gradually make them available here.

Other First-hand Memories of Cooper
Articles, etc., based in part on Oral Traditions of Cooper

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