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W.H. Bartlett, View on the Susquehanna, at Liverpool, 1839. From N. P. Willis, American Scenery, 1840 [?].

This website contains hundreds of entries specifically devoted to James Fenimore Cooper and his daughter Susan Fenimore Cooper. This includes

  • 256 papers from the biennial James Fenimore Cooper Conference/Seminars at the State University of New York College at Oneonta, relating to James Fenimore Cooper and his daughter Susan Fenimore Cooper (Nos. 1-20; 1978-2015)
  • 114 papers from the annual meetings of the American Literature Association (1990-2018)
  • 39 papers relating to Cooper from New York History, the publication of the New York State Historical Association (now Fenimore Art Museum) in Cooperstown, NY (1914-1995)
  • 3 Informal talks on Cooper (1990-2000)
  • 48 other papers and articles relating to James Fenimore Cooper (1899-2019)
  • Biographic, bibliographic, and genealogical information on Cooper and his ancestry
  • Texts of complete books by James Fenimore Cooper and Susan Fenimore Cooper, in HTML and PDF formats
  • Historical archives of The JFCS Newsletter and The JFCS Journal

  Hugh MacDougall’s walking tour of Cooperstown can be viewed at C-Span American Writers — James Fenimore Cooper.


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