History and Utopia: A Study of the World View of James Fenimore Cooper

Allan M. Axelrad (University of Pennsylvania)

Norwood, PA: Norwood Editions, 1978. Limited to 200 Copies.

Advisory Committee: Hennig Cohen; Robert Lucid.

Dedication: To three beautiful people whose love and forebearance made this study possible: Patricia, Wendy, and Harriet.

Copyright © 1978, Allan M. Axelrad.

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“It is now apparent to me that the often-repeated view of Cooper as a liberal turned conservative is stridently out of accord with the record of his thought as it is revealed in his own words in his novels, letters, and non-fiction. By contrast, the picture that emerges is of a coherent and consistent conservatism — a profound conservatism that issues from a theological evaluation of man’s essential nature, and which extends from the religious sphere to all walks of life. What I have written is a brief in defense of my findings.”

Allan M. Axelrad (Preface, p. ix)