Filming The Deerslayer

In the fall of 1911 the Vitagraph Company filmed Cooper’s The Deerslayer on Cooperstown’s Lake Otsego, where the story is set. We show here a “Lunch Break” still photograph taken during the filming, and a series of contemporary post cards showing scenes from the film.

Lunch break during the filming of The Deerslayer in 1911.

Principal cast members are as follows:

Harry Morey (Deerslayer) — at left, standing, with fur cap

Florence Trimble (Judith Hutter) — standing at back, in kerchief

Evelyn Dominicis (Hetty Hutter) — standing at right in black coat

Hal Reid (“Hurry Harry” March) — seated at left with fur cap

William Wallace Reid (Chingachgook) — seated at front left

Larry Trimble (Director) — standing at far right


Contemporary postcards showing scenes from the film.

Select the small images to cycle views.

  1. Watching Deerslayer Paddle Away from Council Rock
  2. Deerslayer Kills His First Indian
  3. Muskrat Castle, the Hutters’ Home on “Sunken Island”
  4. At Council Rock