Elinor Wyllys; or, The Young Folk of Longbridge, Vol. 1

Susan Fenimore Cooper writing as “Amabel Penfeather”

This digital text was prepared from the first edition of Susan Fenimore Cooper’s Elinor Wyllys: or, The Young Folk of Longbridge (Philadelphia: Carey and Hart, 1846). Elinor Wyllys was also published in England (London: Richard Bentley, 1845), but has otherwise not been reprinted.

Notes are enclosed in curly braces { }; these include identification of epigraphs and other quotations and allusions, explanations of obsolete word usage, and translations of foreign words and expressions. Quotations from Shakespeare are cited to the Riverside Edition (adopted as standard for the MLA-approved Cooper Edition of the works of James Fenimore Cooper). Spelling and punctuation, including the author’s idiosyncratic use of colons and semi-colons, inconsistent use of single quotation marks for “thoughts,” and combinations of dashes with other punctuation, have not been changed (except for occasional silent insertion of missing quotation marks).

First instances of some unusual spellings (whether or not in accordance with the author’s usual practise) are followed by { sic} to indicate that there has not been a mistake in transcription. Occasional egregious typographical errors (as in wrong French accents) have been silently corrected where there seems no possibility that the author intended them.

— Hugh C. MacDougall