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Website Styles

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the Cooper Society website uses cascading style sheets for most documents. two external style sheets have been developed, one for documents to be placed on the site (docstyle.css), the other for the home and other directory pages (indexstyle.css).

it will be appreciated if persons preparing documents for possible inclusion on the website will use the "docstyle.css" stylesheet as an internal style sheet for the documents they are preparing. this will produce a result that looks like other documents on the site, and when the document is placed on the website the the internal style sheet can easily be replaced with the external stylesheets already on the website without affecting the document's appearance. if generalized styling changes are decided on, they can be made throughout the website very simply.

the document style sheet can be obtained from the introduction page of the website, but we also provide it below: as a preformed document it makes this page larger than the browser window, but it can easily be copied and used:

Style Sheet for documents

body {background:#ffffcc}

p {text-align:left; text-indent:5%; font-family:"Georgia", "arial", "sans-serif"; font-size:12pt}

p.left {text-align:left; text-indent:0%; font-family:"Georgia", "arial", "sans-serif"; font-size:12pt}
p.center {text-align:center; text-indent:0%; font-family:"Georgia", "arial", "sans-serif"; font-size:12pt}
p.right {text-align:right; text-indent:0%; font-family:"Georgia", "arial", "sans-serif"; font-size:12pt}
p.signature {text-align:center;text-indent:25%;font-family: "Georgia", "arial", "sans-serif"; font-size:12pt}
p.footnote {text-align:left; text-indent:0%;line-height:1; font-family:"times new Roman", "arial", "sans-serif"; font-size:12pt}
p.caption {text-align:center; text-indent:0%; font-family:"Georgia", "arial", "sans-serif"; font-size:8pt}

p.index {text-align:left; text-indent:0%; font-family:"Book antiqua", "Georgia", "serif"; font-size:12pt}
p.index-center {text-align:center; text-indent:0%; font-family:"Book antiqua", "Georgia", "serif"; font-size:12pt}
p.small {text-align:center; text-indent:0%; font-family:"arial", "sans-serif"; font-size:8pt}

h1.buttons {text-align:center; font-family:"arial", "sans-serif"; font-size:10pt; font-weight:bold}
h2.index {text-align:center; color:#663300; font-family:"Book antiqua", "arial";font-size:26pt; font-weight:bold}

ul {text-align:left; font-family:"Georgia", "arial", "sans-serif"; font-size:12pt}
ol {text-align:left; font-family:"Georgia", "arial", "sans-serif"; font-size:12pt}

dl {text-align:left; text-indent:0%; font-family:"Georgia", "arial", "sans-serif"; font-size:12pt}
dt {text-align:left; text-indent:0%; font-weight:bold; font-family:"Georgia", "arial", "sans-serif"; font-size:12pt}
dd {text-align:left; text-indent:0%; font-family:"Georgia", "arial", "sans-serif"; font-size:12pt}

td {text-align:left; text-indent:0%; font-family:"Georgia", "arial", "sans-serif"; font-size:12pt}
td.caption1 {text-align:center; text-indent:0%; font-family:"Georgia", "arial", "sans-serif"; font-size:12pt}
td.caption2 {text-align:center; text-indent:0%; font-family:"Georgia", "arial", "sans-serif"; font-size:8pt}
td.caption3 {text-align:center; text-indent:0%; font-family:"Georgia", "arial", "sans-serif"; font-size:7pt}

tr {text-align:left; text-indent:0%; font-family:"Georgia", "arial", "sans-serif"; font-size:12pt}
th {text-align:left; text-indent:0%; font-family:"Georgia", "arial", "sans-serif"; font-size:12pt}

blockquote {font-family:"Georgia", "arial", "sans-serif"; font-size:12pt}
blockquote.indent {text-indent:5%; font-family:"Georgia", "arial", "sans-serif"; font-size:12pt}
blockquote.note {text-align:left; text-indent:3%; line-height:1; font-family:"times new Roman", "arial", "sans-serif"; font-size:12pt}
blockquote.epigraph {text-align:center; line-height:1; font-family:"times new Roman", "arial", "sans-serif"; font-size:12pt}

h1 {text-align:center; font-family:"Georgia", "times new Roman", "serif"; font-size:18pt}
h2 {text-align:center; font-family:"Georgia", "times new Roman", "serif"; font-size:16pt}
h3 {text-align:center; font-family:"Georgia", "times new Roman", "serif"; font-size:14pt}
h4 {text-align:center; font-family:"Georgia", "times new Roman", "serif"; font-size:13pt}
h5 {text-align:center; font-family:"Georgia", "arial", "sans-serif"; font-size:12pt}
h6 {text-align:left; font-family:"Georgia", "arial", "sans-serif"; font-size:12pt}

h1.buttons {text-align:center; font-family:"arial", "sans-serif"; font-size:10pt; font-weight:bold}
h2.index {text-align:center; color:#663300; font-family:"Book antiqua", "arial";font-size:26pt; font-weight:bold}

a:link {color:#00009c}
a:visited {color:#ff0000}
a:active {color:#cc6600}
a:hover {color:#006600}

a.buttons:link {color:#00009c; text-decoration:none}
a.buttons:visited {color:#ff0000; text-decoration:none}
a.buttons:active {color:#cc6600; text-decoration:none}
a.buttons:hover {color:#006600; text-decoration:none}

links within the Website

Because this website contains many documents, they are organized in a hierarchic series of folders -- three levels so far, but who knows what the future will bring. links in documents to other places within the website should be "relative" ones, both because of this hierarchic organization, and because it makes it possible to transfer documents from computer to website without re-editing.

links to documents within the website further "down" the hierarchy (i.e., in a folder "below" that of the linking document) must include the folder or folder names -- e.g., <a hReF="introduction/style.html">----<a>.

links "up" the chain within the website should not go all the way back to the file heading (e.g., "c:\") or web heading (e.g., "http://www.oneonta.edu/~cooper/"), but rather go only back to the ".html" page referred to, using the shorthand "../" or "../../" -- e.g., <a hReF="../introduction.html">.

Use the Outline page for the current structure of the website. in this manner, html documents prepared from a word processor can be transferred to the site without rewriting the internal links. if you have questions, ask our amateur webmaster, Hugh C. MacDougall


Footnotes should be linked to their place in the document. Footnote numbers in a document should not be raised (superscript -- e.g.1) because this will cause the lines to be uneven -- and because they are distinct in color it is not necessary.

the proper coding around footnote "1" in the text is:

<a name="1"></a><a href="#note1">1</a>

the proper coding around footnote number "1" itself is:

<p class=footnote><a name="note1"></a><a href="#1">1</a>. [text of footnote.]</p>

that way, clicking on the footnote number takes you to the footnote itself; clicking on the number of the footnote takes you back to the text.

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