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Index to The Chronicles of Cooperstown

January 1992

Compiled by Hugh C. MacDougall

Originally published as Miscellaneous Papers No. 2, January 1992

©1992, James Fenimore Cooper Society
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James Fenimore Cooper's The Chronicles of Cooperstown, tracing the history of Cooperstown from its foundation by William Cooper in 1786 until shortly before the book's publication in 1838, has formed the basis of Cooperstown local history ever since, and has been reprinted at the beginning of four other village chronicles. It has never, however, been properly indexed, even when included in otherwise indexed volumes. This Paper seeks to remedy this lack, by furnishing an index to all known printings of The Chronicles of Cooperstown, as follows:

  • [James Fenimore Cooper], The Chronicles of Cooperstown. Cooperstown: H. & E. Phinney, 1838. 100 pp.
  • Reprinted in:
    1. Rev. S.T. Livermore, A Condensed History of Cooperstown, with a Biographical Sketch of J. Fenimore Cooper. Albany: J. Munsell, 1862. Pp. 9-86 [with a few supplementary footnotes]
    2. S[amuel] M. Shaw, Editor, A Centennial Offering. Being a brief History of Cooperstown with a Biographical Sketch of James Fenimore Cooper by Hon. Isaac N. Arnold, together with other Interesting Local Facts and Data. Cooperstown: The Freeman's Journal, 1886. Pp. 9-61.
    3. Walter R. Littell, A History of Cooperstown, including... "The History of Cooperstown" 1886-1929 by Walter R. Littell. Cooperstown: The Freeman's Journal, 1929. Pp. 1-47.
    4. Harold H. Hollis, A History of Cooperstown, including... "The History of Cooperstown" 1929-1975 by Harold H. Hollis. Cooperstown: New York State Historical Association, 1976. Pp. 1-43.

    In each entry, the first page number cited [in bold type] is from the original 1838 edition. Page numbers in parentheses (not inclusive) are from the subsequent four reprinted versions, in chronological order--i.e., Livermore-Shaw-Littell-Hollis.

    First names (when omitted by Cooper), relationships, and occasional other relevant facts have been indicated in brackets.


    The Chronicles of Cooperstown
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